Brother's AiRScouter

Hands-free technology from Brother

From field training and logistics to assisting in surgical operations, Brother's AiRScouter head-mounted display is transforming workplace productivity by bringing essential information directly into the user's field of vision.

Open Your Eyes to a New Way of Working

The AiRScouter WD-200B has been designed to easily connect with existing workflows, simple to operate and provides a high quality image.

  • HDMI connection with HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) support
  • 720p resolution (1280x720 pixels)
  • 30cm - 5m focus dial
  • Adjustable headband and arm
  • Built-in Lithium Ion battery
Brother's AirScouter

What is AiRScouter?

Making current work processes more efficient and helping define new ways of working, AiRScouter frees you to use your hands while receiving a real-time, high quality feed through anything from drone cameras and mobile phones to web conferencing software.

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