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Meraki Go is WiFi built for businesses. With Meraki Go, you can easily add multiple WiFi networks so that staff, guests, and point-of-sale devices can share a single internet connection.

Set up blocked websites to secure your network, and easily limit usage of certain applications to protect from bandwidth overuse and prioritise your business-critical applications.

Each Indoor and Outdoor Access Point requires an active Go subscription, which provides a 1-year hardware warranty, security updates, and in-app support.

The Meraki Go smartphone app makes it simple to get started with Guided Setup and Usage Insights that alert you to the health of the network. Within the Meraki Go smartphone app, you can also set up alerts for bandwidth overuse or a network going offline, and be proactively alerted of any issues that may arise.

Whether your business is providing guest WiFi, running a corporate network, or protecting point-of-sale devices, Meraki Go will make sure your network is both secure and a joy to use.

Product Features

Meraki Go smartphone app for setup, alerts, analytics

Easily create up to 4 WiFi networks

Security updates, tech support, and warranty provided through required subscription

Easily Block websites

Set usage limits on applications or websites or devices

Ability to power through PoE or power cable

Meraki Mobile App

The Meraki dashboard mobile app, available for iOS and Android, is ideal for network management on the go.


Manage your Meraki infrastructure from anywhere

- Monitor wireless, switching, and security infrastructure
- See network status and usage
- Receive push notifications for network outages

Speed deployments

- Scan AP barcode to add it to your network
- Use the camera to photograph the AP mounting location
- Pinpoint the AP location using GPS

Troubleshoot remotely

- Verify connectivity using live tools
- Measure network throughput remotely
- Reboot devices without on-site staff


Meraki Go Products

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