said they either currently use or plan to use hybrid cloud in the future


believe data landscape complexity limits their agility


value consistency between cloud and data center

Challenges hindering multi-cloud success

Improve your cloud experience with Dell Technologies Cloud


Dell Technologies Cloud combines the power of VMware software and Dell EMC infrastructure to make hybrid cloud environments easier to operate. Consumable in two ways: Dell Technologies Cloud platforms and as a fully managed Datacenter-as-a-Service.

Common multi-cloud use cases


Without Dell Technologies Cloud 

With Dell Technologies Cloud

Benefits of Dell Technologies Cloud


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Whitepaper: The Power of the Hybrid Cloud Strategy


Cloud computing has become an integral part of business strategy and IT architecture for enterprises over the past decade.

CSI Companies Case Study


The CSI Companies consists of four entities plus affiliate Anteo Group that provide staffing and specialised services to meet a wide range of client needs.

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Mercy Ships Case Study


Mercy Ships charts a course to double its healthcare services by building a new ship-based hospital and two software-defined data centers with Dell EMC hyper-converged appliances

Download the case study

Why Intel® Optane™ Technology?

Intel® Optane™ technology offers near-DRAM performance at a lower cost, but with NAND-like persistence capabilities. Intel Optane SSDs provide the exceptional combination of low latency, high endurance and consistent responsiveness – even under heavy loads. Unlike NAND, Intel Optane SSDs can read and write simultaneously, which differentiates it from event the fastest NAND SSDs.

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