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Vendor agnostic analytics that can help you improve performance and save money

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Insight has a dedicated team of solutions specialists on hand to guide clients through the complexities of Enterprise hardware and buying Cloud Space. All too often we have seen clients overspend, born out of a lack of insight with regards to their workload utilisation.

Available to all clients, our Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) is a fantastic tool which helps to assist and is a safe and simple way to record, visualise, and collaborate with others to enable data-driven decisions.

Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK)

How can DPACK help IT Professionals?

Easily and accurately discover insight for:

  • CPU
  • Networking
  • Memory
  • Storage Capacity
  • Storage IO

You can also:

  • Map previous-generation hardware to modern platforms
  • Create simulations, combining workloads to a converged environment or cloud
  • Provide clear insight to workloads during a support case
  • Document showback or chargeback utilisation to business units

DPACK is a completely secure solution that won’t compromise security or infrastructure performance. A Dell specialist within Insight will be assigned to your installation for full support from the initial consultation right through to the collaboration stage.

DPACK impartially documents servers/ a group of servers performance, which is an industry standard method.

This tool provides a vendor with hardware and platform agnostic standard, enabling IT Professionals to record and communicate their achieved benchmarks, workloads or support concerns to others, accelerating decision time, whilst reducing risks.

DPACK gives you a safe and simple way to record and communicate your unique performance fingerprint.

How DPACK works:

DPACK’s Collector streams performance data to the Online Analytics Engine that will crunch and blend workload characteristics from the most popular operating systems and virtualisation environments. That data is then delivered as an easy to read and browsable summary you can use to drive decisions. 

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1. Collect

The first step is to use DPACK’s collector to begin a point-in-time capture of one or more servers. The collector supports remotely recording multiple servers from multiple different platforms from 4 hours to 7 days. The Collector is agentless, runs only in memory and makes no modifications to servers while it gathers data with near zero overhead using common administrative protocols that generally require no “Change Control” or firewall modifications.

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2. View

The data is then streamed or uploaded and can be visually explored in near real-time by accessing the online Viewer. The Viewer is an HTML5 navigation console that supports phone, tablet, or browser and allows quick access to the graphs and calculations supplied by the DPACK analytics engine.

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3. Collaborate

Most businesses will make decisions in teams, with consultants, or in coordination with manufacturers or their partners. The Viewer platform allows the secure sharing of performance insight between those involved in a decision cycle or helping to resolve a support case (so long as they also have a DPACK account).

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