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From the small business owner to the restaurant owner to the healthcare system, mobile phones and tablets are changing how business gets done. Griffin for Business is here to help you get the most out the mobile, connected devices that are playing an increasingly important role within your business’ technology infrastructure.


Hospitals / Doctors / Veterinarians / Dentists / Pharmacy

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Schools / Colleges / Universities / Training Centres / Childcare Centres

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Local Council / Military Applications / Armed Forces / Police Force

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Telephone Engineers / Field Sales Teams / Mobile Workers

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Small / Medium Business

All Small and Medium Business Types

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Builders / Engineers / Plumbers / Utility Company

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Griffin MultiDock

MultiDock is a single, space-efficient charging station for storing, charging, and syncing 10, 20 or even 30 iPad tablets or other devices. Its footprint is minimal: only slightly larger than a laptop computer. But in that space, each MultiDock unit packs storage, charging, and syncing capability for 10 tablets.

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