Hyper Simple. Hyper Scalable. Hyperconverged.

Cloud agility with enterprise-grade performance – that’s what happens when power, simplicity and efficiency converge. HPE SimpliVity combines all your IT infrastructure and advanced data services in a single, integrated hyperconverged solution. Guarantee data efficiency, gain 80% more time to spend on innovation, and remove IT service delivery roadblocks with an offering that costs a fraction of the cost of traditional and public cloud solutions.

Save Up to 90% Capacity

Always-on compression and deduplication enables powerful application performance and capacity cost savings across storage and backup.

Restore 1TB VM in Under 60 Seconds

Simple, centralised global management lets you administer all operations through your hypervisor management console and rapidly update policies across your entire environment.

Achieve 73% TCO Savings

Dramatically improve overall efficiency throughout your business with significant TCO savings compared to traditional infrastructure and public cloud.

A New Way to Handle Data

Achieve dramatic improvements in data efficiency, availability, complexity, and costs with purpose-built data management and storage capabilities.

Game-Changing Data Efficiency

The data efficiency baked into HPE SimpliVity improves application performance, frees up storage and accelerates local and remote backup and restore functions, delivering an average data efficiency improvement of 40:1 across deployments.

VM Management and Mobility

Policy-based, VM-centric management
abstracted from the underlying hardware
simplifies day-to-day operations and enables
seamless data mobility, making development
teams and end users more

Built-In Backup and Disaster Recovery

Eliminate the need for third-party data
protection. HPE SimpliVity delivers the
resilience, built-in backup, and bandwidth-
efficient replication you need to ensure the
highest levels of data integrity and

HPE SimpliVity HyperGuarantee

A performance guarantee backing up the simplicity, efficiency, and power of HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged technology.

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