ClearPass Guest Management

ClearPass Guest lets you give customers, contractors and other visitors secure guest access to wireless and wired networks. Whether you have 25 or 25,000 guests, create a rich guest experience and easily manage visitor access privileges.

ClearPass Policy Manager for mobility & IoT

ClearPass Policy Manager for mobility & IoT

ClearPass solves today’s security challenges across any multi-vendor wired or wireless network by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. Delivers visibility, policy control and workflow automation in one cohesive solution. 

ClearPass Overview

Identify What’s on Your Wired or Wireless Network

Security starts with understanding what’s on the network. What devices are being used, how many, and which operating systems are supported? ClearPass has a built-in profiling engine that collects real-time data including device categories, vendors, and OS versions. The standalone ClearPass Universal Profiler provides the same visibility for those not ready for full policy enforcement.

Networking ClearPass Brief

Identify What’s on Your Wired or Wireless Network
Enforce Smart Policies

Enforce Smart Policies

Organisations must adapt to today’s evolving devices and their uses, whether the device is a smartphone, printer, or a surveillance camera. Once you know what’s on your network, it’s time to enforce policies that provide proper user and device access, regardless of user, device type or location.

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Easy to Register

Self-registration, social logins and sponsor options ensure guest access credentials and privileges are enforced for all without burdening your IT helpdesk.

In-Browser Advertising

Engage your guests with targeted web-based content and advertising to promote mobile device apps, new products and special customer loyalty offers.

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