Toner Cashback

Get up to £100 cashback on Original HP Toner now.

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Ink Cashback

Purchase Ink combinations to claim up to £45 cashback.

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Original HP toner. Works right the first time, every time.

Discover the value of Original HP Toner

HP Original Toner - >Designed to work first time, every time.

Designed to work first time, every time

Rely on Original HP Cartridges to perform consistently.4

HP Original Toner - Quality prints you can take pride in.

Quality prints you can take pride in

Experience outstanding print quality when you use Original HP Cartridges.4

HP Original Toner - The environmental choice.

The environmental choice

Cartridges designed with the planet in mind for easy recycling and less waste.2,3

HP Toner Cashback

Claim up to £100 Cashback when you combine all three
colour cartridges with one or two black cartridges.

Buy 3 colours (CMY) or a colour tri-pack & 1 black toner receive £50
Buy 3 colours (CMY) or colour tri-pack & black dual pack or 2 black
cartridges receive £100

Expires 31st October 2018.

HP Planet Partners Recycling Program

HP’s Planet Partners Programme provides customers with a free, convenient and responsible way of returning and recycling empty Original HP cartridges.

  • Recycle HP Inkjet and LaserJet cartridges for free
  • Recycle any brand of computer hardware
  • Use the online ordering tool to request recycling services
  • Recycle HP Large Format Banner/Media for free
  • Recycle packaging material that was shipped with hardware, at no extra cost.

UK supplies recycling program

To order more bags/boxes to recycle your Supplies Click Here

Print Big - Leave A Small Footprint


This much bigger is the carbon footprint of
re-manufactured alternatives compared to Original HP Toner cartridges.2

HP Planet Partners offers recycling at no additional costs - making Original HP the sustainable way to print.3

HP Ink Cashback

HP 950XL & 951XL Original Cartridges Cashback

When purchasing HP original ink, Choose 1 of 3 possible HP 950XL
and 951XL Ink purchase combinations and claim up to £45 cashback.

Expires 31st October 2018.

HP 950XL & 951XL Original Cartridges

A. Claim £15 when you buy 2 x HP 951XL Colour Inks.

B. Claim £20 when you buy 2 x HP 950XL High Yield Black Inks.

C. Claim £45 when you buy 1 x HP 950XL/951XL High Yield Combo 4-pack and 1 x HP 950XL High Yield Black Ink.

Qualifying Ink Cartridges

How To Claim

Get money back on your promoted purchase with these quick and easy steps:

HP Toner Cashback - Cut out the holograms on the packaging and save the receipt.

Cut out the holograms on the packaging and save the receipt.

HP Toner Cashback - Complete the form

Complete the form at

HP Toner Cashback - Scan and upload your receipt and holograms on the registration page

Scan and upload your receipt and holograms on the registration page.

HP Toner Cashback - Receive a confirmation email.

Receive a confirmation email.

Qualifying HP Promotional Toner Products

View All promotional Toner and Ink products using the
HP Printer Consumable Configurator

Find the right product to match your needs

Take the guesswork out of finding consumables compatible with your technology.
Use our configuration tool to show all of the available consumables for your hardware.

HP Configurator    View Full Terms & Conditions

  1. Only available until 31st October 2018. Limit of 2 claims per customer. Offer valid only for selected SKUs. For more details visit
  2. 2016 Four Elements Consulting LCA study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP 80A and 83A monochrome toner cartridges with a sample of remanufactured alternatives across eight environmental impact categories. For more, visit The LCA leverages a SpencerLab 2016 study, commissioned by HP, comparing Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges with six brands of non-HP toner cartridges sold in EMEA. For details, see
  3. Program availability varies. For details, see
  4. 2014 SpencerLab Colour Reliability study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP color LaserJet cartridges with 6 brands of non-HP cartridges (reman and compatibles) sold in Europe, Middle East, and Africa for the HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M551, CE400A/X, CE401A/02A/03A cartridges. For details, see The 2016 SpencerLab Monochrome study commissioned by HP compared Original HP cartridges with 8 brands of non-HP cartridges for the HP Pro M127 and Pro 400 printers, HP 83A and 80A cartridges. For details, see

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