What is Inaction Tax?

Most IT professionals have never heard of it, but everyone has likely been hit with the Inaction Tax at one time or another.

The Inaction Tax is from loss of productivity due to old hardware. Even if you don’t migrate you still pay the tax. It’s the constant drain of time, resources, and money that comes from out of date hardware, and it can affect your business in three ways — a drop in productivity — a loss of performance — and a constant drain to your bottom line.

But unlike most taxes, it’s entirely self-imposed, and entirely avoidable.

Up to £6,217. Per user. Per year.

When it comes to productivity, time wasted is money lost. Based on a 2018 survey of 214 UK business owners, employees on a 4+ year-old PC are estimated to be 20.11% less productive, resulting in an estimated loss of up to £6,217 per user, per year. *

An 80% loss in performance.

If your hardware isn’t working properly, your team may not be either. Four-year-old PCs running Windows 10 deliver performance benchmarks up to 80% lower than new 8th gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based PCs running Windows 10

2.1 x slower multitasking.

A new 8th gen Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based PC can simultaneously export a PowerPoint to video while converting a Word document to a pdf, and recalculating an Excel spreadsheet macro up to 2.1x faster than a 4-year-old PC.

Planning for Win 7 EOL?

A modern operating system shouldn’t run on 4+ year-old PCs. Here’s why IDC’s Tom Mainelli thinks you should roll out Windows 10 on today’s Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors.

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*Employees are 20.11% less productive on PCs that are 4+ years old, resulting in an estimated cost of £6,217 per year, per user” is a finding of a 2018 web-based survey, commissioned by Intel and conducted by J.Gold Associates, LLC., of 214 small business owners in the UK to assess the challenges and costs associated with deploying older PCs.  Survey respondents estimated that for PCs more than 4 years old, employees would be 20.11% less productive – based on an average total compensation rate of a full-time employee of £30,914 (£26,400 national annual wage1 + additional 17.1% (£4,514) for UK non-wage costs2), the lost productivity cost will amount to £6,217. To review this finding and the full report, visit intel.com/SMEStudy.

Source: UK Office for National Statistics, 2017 median weekly earnings figures. Data provisional: [LINK]

Source: Eurostat, 2017 non-wage costs. Non-wage costs are an estimate based on a 2012 labour cost survey for enterprises with more than 10 employees. Data provisional: [LINK]

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