Security is Our Promise

The Lenovo team of professional security experts is dedicated to ensuring our products use the most advanced security practices, incorporating countless features to help users control the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of devices and data. Our promise and our priorities are clear: 

  • Take advantage of the most powerful hardware-based security technologies
  • Deliver only safe software on every Lenovo product
  • Invest in technologies to enhance security and advance industry standards
  • Embrace and extend security features from our partners such as Intel and Microsoft

Security as an End-to-End Process

  • Quality Management System (QMS) establishes oversight and control of the entire production process and supply chain
  • Strict compliance with federal and international standards (NIST, TCG, ISO, etc.)

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Security Leadership Company-Wide

  • Leadership in security is key to earning the trust of customers
  • Lenovo Security Review Board evaluates all preloaded software
  • Lenovo has established key committees and resources to ensure our laser focus on security:
    • Lenovo PC&SD Security Committee for end-to end security strategy and implementation
    • Product Security Incident Response Team
    • Product Security Advisory Website

Comprehensive After-Sale Support

  • Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Service is a single-source solution for secure disposal of IT assets and data
  • Lenovo Service Providers must adhere to strict standards for security and privacy of data
  • Lenovo Service Providers must track and document the disposal of parts and products
  • Remote Secure Erase enables IT administrators to remotely wipe the hard drive of a client device
Comprehensive After-Sale Support

Safety-Assured Pre-Loaded Software

  • Secure Software Development is enforced across all Lenovo products with third-party verification
  • Absolute Data & Device Security (DDS) enables remote security measures in case of theft
  • Winmagic SecureDoc is a comprehensive Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) solution
  • Enterprise-Ready preload enhances security and reduces provisioning time
  • Intel Authenticate strengthens identity protection for the enterprise
  • Intel Software Guard Extensions protect code from disclosure or modification
  • Coronet is a solution that prevents Wi-Fi connection to untrusted networks
  • Microsoft Device and Credential Guard protect against malware and malicious code
  • Lenovo Unified Workspace enables users to maintain secure control of devices and apps
Safety-Assured Pre-Loaded Software

Best Practices Across the Global Supply Chain

  • Every provider of ‘intelligent components’ in the supply chain must conform to strict ‘Trusted Supplier’ security guidelines and best practices
  • Strict physical security enforced at every step across the supply chain, from access control to security labelling and packaging
  • Component suppliers audited by Lenovo Quality Engineers
  • Pre-loaded software securely scanned prior to production or eliminated from image

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Best Practices Across the Global Supply Chain

Security Integrated Into Every Product


  • Firmware development and delivery meets the highest industry standards
  • Think BIOS compliance and validation under NIST SP800-147
  • Intel Boot Guard eliminates any use of non-approved firmware; Intel BIOS Guard protects BIOS flash from unauthorized modification
  • All PC products use only Trusted Platform Module (TPM) cryptoprocessers
  • Think products come with disk encryption capabilities including SED, OPAL and eDrive
  • AiO products incorporate a physical on/off shutter to cover the webcam
  • Fingerprint Reader enhances device security and user convenience
  • NFC enables a simple tap to securely access applications and services
  • Smart USB Protection is a BIOS-based solution that responds only to designated USB devices
  • SmartCard Readers provide an additional level of security for memory cards


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