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Now you can Switch to More with 10 GbE

A 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch is no longer a luxury with NETGEAR ProSAFE XS728T. Discover the efficient and affordable way to remove bottlenecks in your network.


Now you can switch to more

With constantly increasing volumes of data traffic, it´s not just big companies that need high-performing networks. Enter NETGEAR ProSAFE XS728T, a 24-port 10GbE Smart Managed Switch that reliably handles the growing loads of voice, video and data traffic, at a price every business can afford.

NETGEAR ProSAFE XS728T Business Benefits:

  • Higher speed 10G networks with copper port connectivity at a lower price than 10G fibre (SFP+)
  • No need for costly fibre plant upgrades by leveraging Cat5e/Cat6a copper cabling
  • Support Gigabit connections now, and utilise 10G speeds when ready, without replacement disruption
  • Peace of mind with lifetime warranty and next business day replacement and lifetime 24/7 technical support

Who can benefit from the NETGEAR ProSAFE XS728T?

  • Smaller and medium size businesses (SMBs) who might previously have been deterred by the cost of a 10G switching solution
  • Businesses that have to handle high amounts of network traffic and experience performance bottlenecks
  • Businesses that want to optimise the use of existing copper cabling and avoid a costly fibre upgrade

PC Pro Recommended

"NETGEAR is on a mission to put affordable 10GbE switching solutions into the hands of SMBs and the latest ProSAFE XS728T shows it means business. As the first 28-port 10GbE switch on the market, the XS728T sets a high standard for those vendors that dare to follow in its footsteps. SMBs looking for a path into high-speed networking simply won´t find better value anywhere else."

Dave Mitchell, PC Pro



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