Microsoft 365 offers a complete, intelligent, secure solution that helps you translate your organisations' needs into solutions that enable success.

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops include a rapid deployment program to address the need for business continuity, helping you to more efficiently realize opportunities to boost productivity and collaboration across your workforce.

Microsoft Cloud Accelerator Workshops

Secure Remote Work Workshop

This workshop was developed in response to COVID-19 to facilitate business continuity for our clients. This workshop to help empower your organisation to stay connected, while maintaining security and control.

  • The Secure Remote Work Workshop is one-day engagement that includes:
    • Understanding your business objectives and workloads to be enabled or optimised for remote work.
    • Evaluating options and implications to enable remote work scenarios.
    • Developing deployment plans and recommended next steps.
Secure Remote Work Workshop

Rapidly deploy remote work scenarios to keep employees connected, while IT maintains security and control.

Security, Compliance, and Identity Workshops

The Security, Compliance, and Identity Workshops are designed to assist your organisation analyse advanced security and compliance strategies, priorities, initiatives, and key influences. The following workshops are included:

  • Security workshop
    Helps organisations better understand, prioritise, and mitigate potential threats
  • Compliance workshop
    Identifies compliance solutions that can reduce data risk
  • Identity workshop
    Provides visibility into an organisations current identity state and defines next steps

Teams and Firstline Workshops - COMING SOON

Enable your employees to be more efficient and productive with their meetings. Enable meetings, calling, and devices, built on enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities that are crucial for today’s businesses. Envision, design, and plan for an unique Teams hub experience that includes custom apps, process automations tools, and integration of third-party and line-of-business apps.

  • Calling Workshop
    Showcases the viability of Teams as a telephony solution
  • Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop
    Demonstrates how to transform meetings and audio conferencing across the organisation
  • Apps and Solutions Workshop
    Enables organisations to experience a Teams hub tailored to their business needs
Teams and Firstline Workshops