Evo Plus

Stunning speed and reliability in a single card

More space and higher speed. Free up your devices with the largest capacity and highest read/write speeds in its class, perfect for 4K UHD video.* With astonishing performance and reliability, EVO Plus lets you save and treasure the richness of life.

Compatible Devices

Evo Plus comes equipped with an adapter that enables advanced flexibility and compatibility across devices without material reduction in performance, fitting both microSD and full size SD slots.

*4K UHD video support for 256GB, 128GB, and 64GB cards. Host device compatability may vary.

Evo Plus

Media and Capacities

  4K UHD Video1 FULL HD Video2 Photo3 Song4
512GB up to 24h up to 78h up to 150,300 up to 77,300
256GB up to 12h up to 39h up to 75,200 up to 39,400
128GB up to 6h up to 20h up to 37,600 up to 19,400
64GB up to 3h up to 10h up to 18,800 up to 9,900
32GB up to 1h 30m up to 5h up to 9,400 up to 4,900

* Test Device: Samsung Galaxy S9+.
* Above results reflect internal tests where average actual storage capacity is 93.1% of labeled capacity. Actual storage capacity may be lower than labeled capacity.
For 32GB, FAT32 file system is used and for 128GB / 512GB, exFAT file system is used.
1) 3840x2160 4K UHD (30fps), Average file size recording for 30mins: 10.1GB
2) 1920x1080 Full HD (30fps), Average file size recording for 30mins: 3.09GB
3) 4032x3024 12MP, Average file size: 3.25MB 4) Average MP3 file size: 6.2MB

Pro Endurance

Constant Recording Confidence

Up to 43,800 hours of lasting performance for always-on video monitoring. The longest lasting memory card. Designed specifically for surveillance & security cams, dash cams, and body cams, the PRO Endurance boasts 25x longer continuous recording than speed-focused cards and offers 4K and FHD support with proven durability in harsh real-world conditions.

Designed for Always-on Video Recording Devices

The PRO Endurance is a worry-free solution specifi cally designed for heavy writing duty and video monitoring. Bulk/ OEM cards sold at suspicious prices or typical cards 1) focused on speed both have shorter lifespans for continuous recording, and may also stop recording unexpectedly, without warning.

Super Extended Endurance

The PRO Endurance has a longer usage lifespan than other high endurance or speed-focused cards 1) thanks to superior NAND technology. In devices that continuously write and overwrite data, it shows less wear and withstands signifi cantly more cycles of repeated recording than other cards.

Pro Endurance

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