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XG Firewall and Sophos Wireless in Sophos Central*

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Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever before, now your defence can be too.

Unlock the full potential of your Sophos Endpoints with our award-winning Synchronized Security platform, and discover the power of Sophos Central.

By managing all your products from a single interface, Synchronized Security turn your organisations cybersecurity needs from a business cost to a business enabler. Utilise our unique Security Heartbeat™ to get instant insights into endpoint health status, with the option to automatically respond to security incidents by isolating infected systems until they can be cleaned up. Take advantage of the rich insights and control that Synchronized Application Control provides by identifying hundreds of applications that are currently going undetected on your network.

With our exclusive discount offer of 25% OFF XG Firewall and 25% Sophos Wireless until September 30, 2019 take the step to Synchronized Security today and unleash the power of Sophos Central.

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