GDPR with Symantec

How to stay ahead of changing data privacy regulation
change in 2018.

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The proposed new legislation introduced in the EU General Data Protection Regulation will give new requirements on how your business data is processed, who is responsible, and what happens if it is lost.
We’re using our global experience to help you prepare.

Technology Considerations for GDPR


Why choose Symantec

  • Global leader in cyber security.
  • World class information protection.
  • Leading breach detection and response.
  • State of the art technology.
  • Unbiased and lower operating costs.
  • Compliance monitoring and reporting.



  • Data at rest on devices
  • Email in transit and at rest
  • Individual files in transit and at rest

Manage individual and group keys, creates encryption policies, and reports on encryption status.

Third-party encryption management

  • BitLocker (Microsoft)
  • FileVault (Apple)
  • Opal compliant self-encrypting drives

Website Security

  • Secure Web Certificates and MPKI to protect communication with Web Servers

  • Cloud Data Protection

    • Protect Data in Use and at Rest in the Cloud without impacting the cloud apps’ functionality
    • Obfuscate Data with Tokenisation for Software-As-A-Service
    • Comply with Data Residency via Tokenisation


    • Salesforce™
    • ServiceNow™
    • Oracle

    Cyber Security Services

    • Deepsight Intelligence- Track and analyse adversary groups and key trends and events around the globe for actionable intelligence.
    • Managed Security Services- Detect and proactively hunt for targeted attacks, advanced threats and campaigns.
    • Incident Response- Respond quickly and effectively to credible security threats and incidents.
    • Cyber Skills Development- Strengthen cyber readiness to build employee resillency and prevent sophisticated attacks.

    Security Analytics

    Security analytics is able to provide full context of what happened before, during and after a breach, including:

    • How the breach occurred.
    • What data was compromised.
    • What measures are needed to resolve it.
    • Find all indicators of compromise associated with a data breach, including root cause analysis.
    • Records of what files were lost or compromised make it easy to identify personal data records that were lost.

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