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When advanced threats come, Will you be ready?

Today’s Attackers are Extremely Sophisticated

Information security professionals face a more complex and rapidly changing threat environment than ever before. Attackers employ sophisticated tactics to trick unsuspecting victims or otherwise infiltrate target organisations, and they customize each attack campaign as needed to achieve their goals. These attacks can also be highly stealthy and persistent, using novel techniques to hide themselves from detection.

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Recognising attacks & tactics

The majority of organisations are not stopping attacks—in fact, they do not even know they are being attacked. Less than 25 percent of breaches are discovered by internal security practices. Instead the most common way is to be notified by a third party or law enforcement agency. The Home Depot breach, for example, went undetected for over five months as attackers took details of 56 million credit cards. Evidence also suggests that the Sony Pictures breach went undetected for more than a year before the attacker’s shut-down critical infrastructure and released confidential data.

Advanced attacks of different sizes happen every day, and they have at least two things in common: they are difficult to detect and even harder to remediate.

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No Passwords - An Infographic

Infographic - No Passwords

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Advanced Threat Defence

Advanced Threat Defence

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Infographic - Points of Protection

Infographic - Points of Protection

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Traditional security is still important

Today’s security products block attacks as they are detected - with files determined to be either malware or safe - before they can reach their intended target. Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) and Symantec Email Security Cloud already include many great prevention technologies to make more accurate convictions, based on reputation and behaviour. With the technology in Symantec Insight, Sonar, and Skeptic, they can block even advanced threats today.

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The Symantec Solution

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