Remote and Branch Office Intelligent Data Management

Consistent Hyper-Availability — regardless of location

Continuous Availability for the modern enterprise

ROBOs have long suffered from neglect when it comes to IT — they’re out of sight, out of mind. Oftentimes, they get attention only when something is seriously wrong. However, ROBO environments also manage mission-critical data, and therefore are equally important.


Embracing globalization and Digital Transformation

The challenges of managing data across multiple locations

Meeting modern intelligent data management SLAs has become increasingly more difficult for enterprises with multiple remote and branch office (ROBO) locations, especially across large geographic distances. While virtualization has helped growing enterprises better deliver applications and services to multiple locations, the never-ending increase in critical data, new ROBO locations and more employees working remotely have served new challenges to enterprises working to deliver consistent Hyper-Availability in an economic scalable manner. Efficient ROBO backups are crucial for organizations intelligent data management strategy at the edge.

ROBOs that are Hyper‑Available

Leveraging the tools that help maintain Hyper‑Availability regardless of location.

A Hyper-Availability solution for today’s enterprise managing remote office backup and recovery for multiple global operations and locales must continue to deliver low RTOs and RPOs, despite large geographic distances and remoteness, through the efficient use and optimization of WAN links. Not only this, but the ever-present need to drive down costs calls for centralized management through a single console, removing the need for specialized staff while still efficiently delivering Hyper‑Availability.

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