Enterprise Reporting of VMware

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General Availability

Veeam Reporter Enterprise is an advanced version of Veeam Reporter, the award-winning product for automated discovery and documentation of VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3). Veeam Reporter Enterprise is the first solution specifically designed for reporting and change control in large VI3 virtual environments.

Enterprise-Level Reporting

The Veeam Reporter Enterprise client/ server architecture provides a web-access interface and SQL Server database back-end, allowing any administrator to generate and view granular reports on his or her area of interest.

Change Management

Veeam Reporter Enterprise updates the SQL database incrementally, allowing configuration change management reporting. Administrators can get point-in-time views of virtual environments and generate reports analysing configuration changes over time.


Storage Capacity

Detailed graphical reports allow administrators to see datastore capacity and utilisation.

Allowing administrators to see VM populations on each datastore, and usage statistics for local and shared datastores.

Visibility to "VM sprawl"

VMware administrators can immediately see virtual machines recently added to the infrastructure, which allows them to verify the VM's owner and whether it complies with internal policy.

Unattended Data Collection & Ad Hoc Reporting

Veeam Reporter Enterprise separates the data collection and report generation steps, allowing users to set automated collection to occur at specific intervals, ensuring an up-to-date view is ready at any time. 

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