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Veritas Backup Exec 2016

If your organisation is like many others, then you’re facing an increasingly complex backup and restore dilemma for your environment, whether virtual, physical, cloud or a combination. Veritas Backup Exec™ 16 is designed to remedy that complexity by delivering a backup and recovery solution that meets your data protection needs simply, with a host of powerful features that can help you save time, get more reliable backups, achieve your recovery objectives, and reduce costs.

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Switch to Veritas and manage all your data – virtual, physical and cloud – at less cost.

With extreme cyber-attacks becoming increasingly prevalent, companies face a growing challenge to ensure their business-critical data is protected and available. But on average, small and mid-sized businesses currently have four separate data protection products¹ - a costly, time-consuming, risky, and untenable practice.

Given the estimate that by 2020, 27% of all business data will reside in the cloud¹, with the remainder split across physical and virtual environments, switching to a unified backup solution is the obvious choice.
And with Veritas Backup Exec™ there’s never been a better time to do that! 

Backup Exec™ allows you to manage your entire backup and recovery infrastructure simultaneously from a single console. 2.2m organizations in 200 countries already rely on Backup Exec™. You can join them – and pay less in the process!

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10 reasons to Upgrade to Veritas Backup Exec 16

1) Incredibly Fast

Delivers backup & data deduplication faster than previous versions. It doesn’t matter if you’re backing up physical servers, VMware®, or Microsoft® Hyper-V virtual machines, with features such is Instant GRT® and Instant Recovery of virtual machines, you’ll get reliable backup & recovery in less time than you thought possible. The powerful performance helps you reduce data protection windows and saves you time.

2) Store Less with Efficient Deduplication

Helps you tame growing data volumes with integrated, block-level data deduplication. Unlike point solutions that deduplicate per backup job, you’ll get greater storage savings with the advanced technology, deduplicating data across your entire virtual and/or physical environment. For even greater efficiency and enhanced storage savings, includes changed block tracking so you only back up the blocks that have changed, rather than every block of every VM in your infrastructure.

3) Easy to Use

Comes complete with an easy-to-use interface, intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizards that provide the visibility you need to quickly track and monitor every backup and recovery job. It saves time and simplifies the implementation of backup protection, with a few simple clicks, you can set backup jobs, view backup status, and perform recoveries.

4) Designed for Optimal VM Protection

Integration with Microsoft® Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) and VMware vStorage™ APIs for Data Protection (VADP) provides reliable and consistent application aware backups for all your virtual machines. Using the latest technology, it minimises CPU, memory, and I/O load performance impacts on the virtual host. By executing post-processing tasks that don’t impact the backup window, such as log truncation, collection of meta data, and catalogue creation, delivers highly optimised backup and fast, agile recovery of granular application data directly from storage.

5) Single Solution for Virtual, Physical & Cloud Environments

Forget purchasing, deploying, and managing separate backup solutions for your virtual, physical and cloud data. Backup Exec 16 protects all environments, from a single physical server to thousands of virtual machines, all with a single solution. Get a complete picture of your entire backup and recovery status from one administrative console at any time. If scalability is important to you, rest assured that Backup Exec 16 will support your backup and recovery needs as your organisation grows.

6) Backup to Virtually any Storage Device

When it comes to storing critical data, Backup Exec 16 has flexible options, you can backup to virtually any storage device including disk, tape, dedupe storage, appliance, or a third-party cloud. There’s no need to be locked into buying a specific storage device and increasing your storage costs.

7) Fast, Efficient, & Versatile Recovery

Easy to find and recover data at any level. Intelligently indexes and catalogues backup data, so you don’t waste valuable time and disk space mounting the backup job, and searching for specific data. Recover virtual machines, applications, databases, files, folders, and granular objects directly from backup storage including individual objects from Microsoft® Exchange, Active Directory®, SQL Server®, and SharePoint® with a few clicks.

8) Centralised Management

Centralised administration console delivers scalable management of distributed Backup Exec servers and reduces the time and resources needed to manage your backup operations.

9) Simple to Acquire & Deploy

Cost effective backup and recovery solution that’s easy to acquire, license, and deploy. With Backup Exec 16, you’ll have an affordable solution with licensing options that best fit your organisation's needs. Choose from three licensing options per TB, per socket, or per module.

10) Supports the Latest Platforms & Operating Systems

Building on its 20+ years of Microsoft experience with full Day 1 support of Server 2016, Hyper-V 2016 and Azure targets. VMware vSphere 6.5 is also supported, continuing Veritas long history of protecting virtual machines. Don’t let your backup software prevent you from deploying advanced productivity benefits.

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