Why putting your employees first is best for business.

Boost individual employee access to the business apps they need, when they need them, and you’ll increase your organisation’s overall performance—according to a new survey of more than 2,000 executives and frontline employees conducted by Forbes Insights in partnership with VMware.

3 Types of Companies are Emerging (based on the opinions of their end users)


The Traditional Workspace

Companies that do not provide employees with the technology they need to do their jobs effectively.


The Transitioning Workspace

Companies that provide the apps workers want and need, but don’t yet make them easily accessible.


The Digital Workspace

Companies that provide the apps workers want and need, and make them readily accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.

5 Key Findings

2. As employees become more empowered, they become more productive.

Empowered employees in firms who make apps available and highly accessible report;

  • 17% less time spent on manual processes
  • 16% increase in team collaboration
  • 16% faster decision making 

1. Digital transformation is driving a shift to a new management environment and culture.

  • It's nearly 3x more likely that a company is rated as a Digital Transformation Leader* when fully empowering employees.

*Pioneers plus leaders

4. Empowered employees expect greater success at enterprise level.

Empowered employees, compared to traditional employees, project for their firms;

  • 34% greater increase in effciency
  • Almost 2x the increase in service quality
  • HR efficiencies for recruiting (69%) and onboarding of new employees (59%)

Plus, 87% of all CIOs surveyed believe that digitally empowering their employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over 3 years.

3. Making business apps highly accessible from any device powers a real difference in performance. 

Empowered employees, compared to traditional employees, are more likely by nearly;

  • 5 x to report gain in personal productivity
  • 4 x to report their company us a more desirable place to work
  • 2 x to report that apps are very important in accelerating decision-making in the company 

5. There is misalignment between employees and CIOs.

CIOs and employees share very different views, both in where their companies are versus peers in providing technology to employees, and about the availability, utility, and freedom to use employee technologies at work.

This indicates a degree of disappointment by employees, and a complacency in CIOs which can lead to a dangerous disconnect that may impact a firm’s performance.

The Data Reflects:

  • Greater access to wanted and needed apps creates a new equilibrium between IT & users.
  • Rebalancing from command & control to a culture of employee initiative & management trust gives employees tools needed to innovate and execute.
  • Investment in a digital platform and new mindset ultimately becomes a competitive differentiator.

Respondents Say:

  • Business apps & productivity solutions are fundamentally transforming their workdays.
  • They’re reducing mundane tasks, making individuals feel more productive and leading to higher morale and retention.

Looking Ahead

Respondents agree that employee business apps will increase in importance over the coming years, creating even more competitive advantage.

Whitepaper: The Value of Digital Employee Experience

Find out more about how employees drive business by downloading the whitepaper. Explore key findings that delve into the idea of employee experience — a combination of employee culture, technology, and  workstyle — influences and is influenced by digital employee experience. 



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