The workforce is also going through a digital cultural revolution. The workforce of today doesn’t look like it did five years ago, and to compete you need employees that are productive, connected and inspired.

With the increase in complexity of IT systems and processes, the pressure is also mounting on the IT department to ensure their teams are continually upskilled to support, manage and control end-user devices and applications.

So, how do organisations simplify and drive better end-user experiences, while ensuring IT costs are controlled and stay competitive?

Services to help your business run smarter

Insight Managed Office

Orchestrate everything you need to connect your workforce, from devices to apps and end-to-end lifecycle services. We help you offload IT, control costs and drive better end-user experiences while keeping your data secure. Insight Managed Office helps companies combat the cybercriminal and protect operations from the threat landscape.

Insight Managed Office utilises the client’s existing Microsoft 365 environment to help clients benefit from the latest technology provided by Microsoft in relation to hardware, software and identity cloud management.

Our Insight Managed Office service provides:

Professional support from highly experienced European based experts

Assurance that all your data is secure and fully compliant

Management of devices, applications and configurations

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The benefits of Insight’s Managed Office Service

  • Reduction in the cost of operations and service delivery

    Reduction in the cost of operations and service delivery

    Insight Managed Office allows the procurement department the agility and state of the art device lifecycle services, licensing optimisation and cloud contract efficiency. If you would like to discuss subscription-based computing via a monthly subscription and move to an OPEX model for your productivity solution, please contact your Insight account manager.

  • Access additional modules as needed

    Access additional modules as needed

    Insight provides a set of services, starting from assessment and planning a roadmap based on your current situation, over set-up/configuration of the required infrastructure, with optional managed optimisation/adjustment services and support service for either/or IT staff and end users. Insight Managed Office covers both supported devices and M365 software.

    Customer can select either a standard (covering the core needs for windows devices) or advanced (with additional security and mobility options) level of service.

    Additional modules can be purchased including: Mobility, Advanced Security and End User Support

  • IT resources focused on Business Critical Applications

    IT resources focused on Business Critical Applications

    The Insight Managed Office provides a fully managed environment for IT staff and optionally for End Users, to configure and manage their modern productivity devices and services in a secure way. Logistics, support, and break/replace in case of a broken or defect device can also be part of the service.

    Quickly scale up IT resources as workloads demand while managing and maintaining the devices is outsourced freeing up your own IT resources to focus on strategic business objectives rather than day to day management of hardware and applications.

Microsoft Worldwide Modern Desktop Partner of the Year 2018

Insight's expertise in Windows 10 and our commitment to Microsoft have earned us the 2018 Microsoft Worldwide Modern Desktop Partner of the Year Award.

Transforming for the Digital World

As well as managing the infrastructure for you to support your business challenges, Insight also has a rich set of services, complemented by our Insight Digital Workspace™ solution (created by Insight) to help you rethink your collaboration and information strategy.

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