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With IDC* predicting that by 2020, 60 per cent of top manufacturers will depend on digital platforms to support as much as 30 per cent of their overall revenue, it is no surprise that many organisations are adopting the latest digital technologies such as AI, IoT and advanced analytics to transform their businesses.

Our Digital Innovation solutions help manufacturers streamline and simplify their operations, enabling faster innovation, more efficient output and greater revenue. Our bespoke transformative digital solutions harness IoT, AI and Advanced Analytics technologies to significantly optimise the manufacturing process.

*Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions



The benefits of Manufacturing Digital Innovation

Technology Offerings

We help you transform your factory into a proactive, automatic, lean operation.

Digital Technologies

We enable you to create new, disruptive business models by monetising existing data.


Through data-driven insights we enable you to optimise the supply chain.

Unlocking the Potential of the Internet of Things

One of the greatest influencers of the IoT movement is Artificial Intelligence (AI), cited by Gartner as a key strategic imperative to expand capabilities of IoT-connected devices and industrial systems.

Let's explore how the IoT is transforming manufacturing.


Digital Innovation.

IoT technologies like sensors and artificial intelligence create rich real-time analytics that are transforming manufacturing operations. Instant feedback and alerts enable predictive maintenance that automatically fixes potentially disruptive issues and empowers autonomous tasks. And having a fully up-to-date picture of processes and operations allows you to improve quality control, lower the cost of production, and increase workflow, performance and uptime.

Manufactures who are unable to speed up response times and anticipate maintenance requirements will find themselves falling behind their competitors.

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Measure Business Performance

Advanced analytics created by real-time sensor-generated data input tracks performance and allow you to measure business performance in forensic detail. Unlocking previously hidden manufacturing insights, intelligent technologies help you solve business problems quickly and smoothly and create faster product development and fulfilment processes. They allow you to anticipate and accurately predict needs, plan improvement initiatives, create new business models and drive the new revenue streams that successful manufacturing demands.

Without the real-time business capabilities of transformative digital technologies, your manufacturing process won't evolve at the same pace as your clients’ requirements.

Anticipate the needs of the market

Providing unprecedented insights into your processes, the market and your customers, rich business data enables you to optimise the entire supply chain through enhanced collaboration and efficiency. You can accurately anticipate the needs of the market, respond faster to industry changes and demands of line-of-business stakeholders, and create the right volumes of goods, delivering the best product for the best price.

Manufacturing success depends on anticipating and efficiently meeting rapidly evolving customer expectations. The driving force of today’s IoT’s technologies lets you do just that.


Why Insight

We offer a powerful combination of extensive industry knowledge, deep partner relationships and a user-centric approach – from concept through design and build to solution management. And our experts are with you all the way. Our expertise led to us receiving Microsoft Global Partner of the Year awards in 2016, 2017, and 2018 for our digital innovation solutions.

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