Insight’s Cyber Security Practice provides expert guidance to clients as they embark on their cyber security journey. From Security Posture Assessment through to the achievement of desired security state, at Insight, we focus on client-centric security options. Our vendor agnostic security advice and consultancy supports all stages of security evolution. Whether it’s for a Professional Service, Technology, Software, Incident Response and/or Lifecycle Managed Security Services, we are here to help at every stage of your journey.

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Avoid cyber criminality that leads to loss of customer confidence and market share.

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Drive real productivity with a secure cloud and mobile environment.

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Create a robust security strategy and avoid shadow IT.

Cyber Security News

To equip all of our clients with access to the latest thought leadership, our cyber security news channel provides opinion, advice and research directly from highly experienced Industry SOC experts. Naked Security is Sophos’s award-winning threat newsroom, offering all of the latest and up-to-date information, research and development headlines on computer security issues and the latest internet threats.

Explore our remote security services

Insight has developed a number of security services to help you consider the security implications of your business activities, and adopt solutions that are aligned with your needs and objectives. We begin by assessing your current environment, challenges, and requirements.

Our remote security services include:

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Remote user/device verification


  • Verifying and safeguarding the identity of users through multi factor authentication.
  • A simple easy deployment delivered as a managed service with minimum impact to security/IT resources.
  • A highly usable, flexible solution that is easy to use, and integrates with multiple devices, application and methods of authenticates.
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Remote endpoint assessment


  • Visibility of all end-points connected to your network.
  • What vulnerabilities those end-points have change to Identification of vulnerabilities at those end-points.
  • Recommendations – for quarantining and remediation.
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Remote security assessment

Challenges addressed:

  • Ensure end-points are defended. With the majority of employees working remotely, identifying unmanaged end-points, connectivity issues, vulnerabilities and patching requirements becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Control the identification of a user relative to a device, preventing both accidental misuse through endpoints being in a home environment, and criminals taking advantage of the collapsed perimeter.
  • Educate the remote user community and testing and evidencing their resilience – enabling security to identify and support users that potentially need additional help.
  • Ensure regulatory and compliance requirements continue to be supported during challenging or crisis events.
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Remote advisory


  • Education and training that is tailored to remote working, and drives engagement through connecting personal and business security.
  • Testing of the remote workforce to establish resilience, promote continuous improvement, and identify users where additional support is beneficial.
  • Scenario based crisis testing, which is designed and executed remotely –testing your crisis response.
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Remote cyber-incident simulation activity


  • Assigned expert resources.
  • A review of your existing policies and procedures.
  • A choice of at least 3 scenarios that relate to the policy review.
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