Insight’s Hybrid Cloud Optimisation Service for Microsoft Azure (HCO-A) gives you the visibility, insight and knowledge you need to maximise your Azure performance, security and value. Our highly experienced Azure cloud professionals will perform an independent assessment of your current approach to Azure, and help identify and implement optimisation improvements to meet your organisation’s specific environment.

Our service provides:

  • Professional support from certified Azure experts
  • Tailored service options
  • Cost and performance optimisation

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The benefits of Insight’s Hybrid Cloud Optimisation Service – Azure

Maximise value

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Enhance performance and security

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Minimise costs

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Make the most of your Azure services

Have you transferred workloads to Azure but aren’t getting the business value you were expecting?

Our Azure experts will health-check your Cloud strategy, helping you optimise Azure, while maintaining performance and availability of services. We’ll give you clear visibility into your Azure environment, provide the tools and processes you need to maximise Azure’s value.

With Insight, you can effectively evolve your Cloud Service from ‘VMs in the Cloud’ to a true Azure Cloud Service, creating an optimisation culture and reaping the best possible value from your Azure investment.

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Get accurate visibility of your Azure usage and security

Knowing exactly what your Azure usage is important – but often easier said than done.

Our experts will select and design a monitoring solution that enables you to understand and measure your real Azure usage and performance, and we’ll implement the Azure Resource Optimisation (ARO) toolkit to give you essential automation capability. We’ll also analyse your performance data and create a formal optimisation plan that includes not just technology, but people and processes elements too.

With HCO-A options to investigate security best practices and undertake a security optimisation review, Insight will enable you to run your Azure services optimally, securely and confidently.

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Do away with wasted spend

Did you know that wasted cloud spend has been measured at 30–45%?*

Not surprisingly, optimising cloud costs is the top initiative across all cloud users (53%).* The good news is that Insight’s Azure professionals will help you – not just by giving you optimisation and service visibility to enable improved budgeting and cost projections, but also by advising on opportunities to minimise costs and spend only on resources that are needed.


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Insight’s 2 tiers of service


Our Standard level focuses on smaller, simpler migrations to Azure, and provides visibility into basic IaaS and PaaS cost performance.


Our Advanced level also focuses on cost and performance issues but provides a more detailed review and extends the scope to areas such as network and security optimisation.


In addition to our two tiers of service, we offer a range-of add-on modules so you can tailor the service to your organisation’s specific needs.

Add-ons include:

  • Detailed Security Optimisation Review
  • On Premise Optimisation Assessment
  • Configuration Management Review
  • Migration and Placement Assessment
  • Contract Optimisation
  • Software Lifecycle Services
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Why choose Insight’s Hybrid Cloud Optimisation Service for Microsoft Azure?

Our approach ensures that optimisation becomes an embedded, continuous and repeatable process in your organisation. We give you access to a world-class team of Microsoft-certified experts, who can deliver the service you need flexibly, cost-effectively and knowledgeably, allowing you to choose the level of service that’s right for you.

Hybrid Cloud Optimisation Service – Azure allows you to focus your technical resources on achieving your strategic business objectives.

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3 Steps to Running Workloads Smarter

Insight’s Hybrid Cloud solution, three-step process and proven expertise enable you to optimise and modernise your business, and achieve more value from your IT investment through data-driven insights.

  • Plan – Discovery Workshops, Hybrid cloud assessment
  • Build – Migration and Optimisation Services
  • Manage – Insight Managed Services
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