Discover the benefits of OneCall Support Services for Azure

OneCall Support Services for Azure provide businesses with a comprehensive IT support package, removing the administrative burdens that come with deploying and running applications in cloud and hybrid environments. This leaves internal IT teams free to focus on business-critical initiatives without sacrificing security or interrupting day-to-day operations. Our service provides:

  • Streamlined access to engineers
  • Fast incident resolution
  • Ability to tailor the service to meet your requirements

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"Always On" availability

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Focus on your core business

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Enhance value

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Modular support, tailored to meet your needs

No two businesses are the same, and support requirements evolve as organisations grow. Insight OneCall flexible design ensures that the service will always meets the needs of your business. In addition, we offer a range of add-on modules, which can be added or removed as needed.

Add-ons include: Service credits (Incident: client configuration and advisory).

Keeping your systems up and running

When an IT platform forms the heart of your business-critical applications, you need the support infrastructure in place to keep it running.

OneCall Support Services for Azure goes above and beyond. Our team believes in providing a support service that not only keeps your business up and running, but enables you to achieve your key objectives.

OneCall clients have streamlined access to our qualified subject matter experts (SMEs). Our team of trained engineers, system architects and Microsoft Professionals are able to respond and resolve incidents that relate to the platform, your particular configuration, as well faults that aren’t platform specific, such as how you access or interact with Azure.

Keeping your systems up and running

Reduce administrative overheads

Azure Cloud Services enable businesses of any size to deploy highly available, massively scalable applications without being shackled by hardware considerations and the associated costs. Yet, for all the benefits that Azure offers, there are still significant administrative overheads.

OneCall Support Services eliminate these burdens, leaving your in-house technology experts free to dedicate their time to using Azure to achieve your strategic business objectives. 

Reduce administrative overheads

Get the best from your
systems & people

Our Microsoft-certified experts set up, optimise and maintain your Azure hybrid cloud environment so that you benefit from the rich set of features it offers.

We have the skills, experience and certifications in place to carry out these tasks seamlessly, without disruption to your business operations.

Get the best from your systems

Why choose OneCall Support Services from Insight?

Our approach to delivering comprehensive support services for Azure will give you access to a world-class team of Microsoft-certified experts, who can deliver the support you need more flexibly and cost-effectively than is possible in-house.

OneCall Support Services for Azure allows you to focus your technical resources on achieving your strategic business objectives

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