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With IDC* predicting that by 2020, 60% of top manufacturers will depend on digital platforms to support as much as 30% of their overall revenue, it is no surprise that many organisations are adopting the latest digital technologies such as AI, IoT and advanced analytics to transform their businesses.

*Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions

Learn how innovative solutions such as predictive analytics, remote condition monitoring and automation are revolutionising the manufacturing industry.

Benefits of digital innovation in manufacturing:

Anticipate market changes and evolving customer needs

Rich business data based on your processes, the market and your customers enables you to respond faster market changes and improve product design and quality.

Build your smart factory
of the future

Leverage innovative digital technologies such as IoT and machine learning to increase worker productivity, automate and streamline processes while optimising your supply chain.

Automate monitoring
and maintenance

Identify issues before they impact productivity with predictive and preventative maintenance models that minimise downtime as well as automating field maintenance through condition-based models.

Unlocking IoT Potential to Accelerate Manufacturing Processes


One of the greatest influencers of the IoT movement is Artificial Intelligence (AI), cited by Gartner as a key strategic imperative to expand capabilities of IoT-connected devices and industrial systems.

The need for innovative software and technology is not lost in the manufacturing world with many of them now exploring how to digitally transform internal operations and products in the field to gain market share, new revenue opportunities and cost savings.

Insight Guide: How the manufacturing industry is reducing costs


The Digital Factory of the Future

Manufacturing has undergone several generational shifts over the past few centuries thanks to the advent of mechanisation and computing. The next shift is known as ‘Industry 4.0’, a term used to describe a variety of new technologies incorporating intelligent systems, advanced communications and automation.

What does the factory of the future look like and what role will technology play?


Drive Digital Innovation with Insight

We offer a powerful combination of extensive industry knowledge, deep partner relationships and a user-centric approach – from concept through design and build to solution management.

Our Digital Innovation solutions help manufacturers streamline and simplify their operations, enabling faster innovation, more efficient output and greater revenue.

Talk to us now to understand how you can harness transformative technologies to create a unique competitive advantage through high-value, high-impact digital innovation for your manufacturing business.

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