Insight Framework Overview

Framework arrangements are set up by Public Sector bodies (often called Public Buying Organisations (PBO’s) with suppliers to provide goods and services according to certain requirements, e.g. price, quality and quantity. Frameworks can be arranged by one Public Body for either itself or a number of other Public Bodies.

Those bodies that are part to the Framework can then order (or ‘call off’) the goods and services when required. If there is more than one supplier, then a mini-competition may be held to identify the best supplier.Our current framework arrangements (agreements) are listed below, where more information about each individual Framework can be viewed. The full Framework agreement guide can also be downloaded for use when offline. 

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Insight Framework Overview

Insight Framework Matrix

Find the Frameworks A-Z in our downloadable guide - to get started, visit the link below to find the right Framework for your particular needs.

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