Enabling digital transformation
in healthcare.

Insight is working with NHS Trusts across the UK to help them on their digital transformation journey.

Accredited on more than 40 major public-sector frameworks and with over 5,000 software, hardware and cloud partners, Insight provides healthcare organisations and local authorities with end-to-end solutions that comply with the Forward View and Personalised Health and Care 2020 directives.

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Insight is working with NHS Trusts across the UK to NHS across the UK to develop systems, solutions and processes that adhere to the latest interoperability standards.

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From ‘cloud solutions’  networks, wi-fi, storage, security and Virtualisation, Insight has the expertise to deploy Intellgent Technology Solutions

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Data Analytics

Insight works with health organisations across the UK to help them make better use of their data - saving money, streamlining processes and improving health and care outcomes.

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Patient Experience

Insight provides a range of Solutions that can improve frontline digital services, ensuring that patients receive the right care at the right time in the right place. 

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Healthcare Mobility

Supporting your clinical teams to deliver care on the move, automate data capture, streamline tasks and demonstrate tangible benefits.

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Cost Reduction

Meet Carter requirements by utilising innovative IT solutions through compliant routes to market and public-sector frameworks.

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"The NHS is facing rising expectations, escalating demand and an aging population. Digital technologies, better use of data and information have a critical role to play in meeting these challenges"

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Improving care through technology

From the delivery of real-time patient information to the growing use of electronic medical records, healthcare is evolving and you need the technology to evolve with it.

The viability of the NHS in the future will depend largely on its ability to harness and transform its services by utilising technology

Digital technology enables Trusts to work smarter and more securely, providing clinicians with real-time insight and ultimately giving patients more personalised and higher quality care and services.

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