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Embracing IT at the patient bedside.

Government reports suggest that junior doctors spend up to 70 percent of their day battling with admin and paperwork. Our approach to mobile technology is that it has the ability to deliver dramatic and tangible benefits to the way that clinicians care for patients, automating data capture and streamlining tasks to free up their precious time.

Patient experience bedside support

Leading-Edge Clinical Mobility Solutions.

Deploying leading-edge clinical mobility solutions, like Patientrack, gives clinical teams the power to deliver care at anytime, anywhere. Patientrack enables clinicians to check their patient status securely and remotely from hand-held devices, speeding up response times and improving compliance with clinical protocols. Access to real-time patient information increases operational efficiency, reduces time spent searching for and updating patient records.

Patient experience fast track support

Dramatic Time-Saving Solutions.

Acute Trusts are using mobile devices like Microsoft Surface to bring tangible benefits to patients. Clinicians can access data and update patient records during the consultation, dramatically reducing the time they spend post-consultation sitting at a computer terminal. The tablet can be used to explain treatment plans more effectively to patients, and even record video of patients in clinics to document recovery. The touch screen and pen allows its use as a means of providing patient consent by signing online document, saving time and reducing the use of paper on wards.

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