Office Productivity 

With limited budgets but mission critical projects, improving operating processes and workforce effectiveness in the Public Sector is vital. Insight’s Office Productivity Platform Solutions include:

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration: Streamlining communication channels into a single, unified platform.
  • Enterprise Content Management: Formalised processes for organising and storing information and documents.
  • Business Intelligence: Improving analytics and raising productivity.

With technologies such as VoIP phones, mobile devices, video conferencing, and cloud computing, Insight Public Sector brings the newest IT capabilities to you — tailored to fit your office productivity needs.

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Mobility, Network & Security

Government workers are increasingly mobile and IT efforts are evolving to meet mobility needs. With greater mobility come opportunities for improving productivity and efficiency, but also new security requirements at the office and in the field.

Insight delivers mobile solutions from mobile devices and device management, to mobile policies and security across all of your platforms. As your mobility choices continue to expand, we can help your organisation to map a mobile strategy that suits your needs.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing increases collaboration, mobility and productivity while centralising security and data/device management. By converting capital expenses incurred by hardware and equipment into operating expenses, with IT services delivered on-demand, cloud computing can also lower your total cost of IT ownership.

Insight can help your department or supporting organisation benefit from this scalable and cost-effective solution. Our experts can ease your transition to the cloud with a range of professional services for planning, deploying and operating cloud services.

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Government Framework Agreements

We're accredited under all the key Government technology agreements. For more information, view our framework guide

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License Consulting Service (LCS)

LCS is built on a unique and proven methodology offering true objectivity. It helps guide clients to extract full value of their existing licence entitlements,  whilst providing a contractual and commercial solution that meets the client’s true future technology requirements. This service can also be provided on an annual basis to ensure compliancy is maintained and continuously optimised.

LCS clients to date have realised savings of up to 30% on their licensing requirements.

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Data Protection

Departmental and public data needs protection from external threats and cyber-attacks, plus tiered access to assure compliance with department, agency, or other security policies. It must comply with tough privacy mandates and be managed consistently to guard against loss. And through all of these security and privacy measures, it must still be accessible enough for the workforce.

Insight brings a broad range of technology partners and networking expertise, so your organisation doesn't have to choose between enhanced security and ease of use when it comes to data protection.

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Data Centre & Virtualisation

In today’s political environment, most agencies are forced to do more with fewer resources. From a data perspective, the exponential growth in information requires a high-performing, secure data centre that fits within budget. Insight can help modernise your infrastructure to increase productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Through virtualisation, Insight can also decouple your hardware and software components to lower capital expenses and enable a faster ROI. Such virtualisation also supports your mobile efforts while centralising security management.

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Configuration and Integration Services

Streamline the deployment and integration of new services into your organisation with Insight Configuration Services. Hardware can be supplied pre-configured with any chosen image, our expert technicians are capable of software imaging, hardware configuration and complex builds of servers and networks.

Operating under stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality controls, the configuration centre can install any required components and software images, followed by “dead on arrival” testing ensuring that equipment arrives ready for immediate use.

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